Barik Overseas Oil & Gas Services L.L.C specializes in the supply of advanced technology equipment for the oil and gas industries.

We are the representative agents for EUROCHEM, EUROCHEM SA was founded in Athens in 1981 and quickly emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of chemical products for cleaning and maintenance. The company's continuous research in the field of chemical technology with the expertise and experienced staff ensures quality and reliability of its products.

EUROCHEM SA operates according to international quality standards and certified: ISO 9001: 2000 for design, production and sales:

  1. Chemicals for cleaning and maintenance in the fields of Marine, Aviation, and Industry.
  2. Detergent.
  3. Industrial spray

The product range includes more than 2,000 products for aviation, shipping and industry, professional detergents and household chemicals and packaged in spray. Since 2001 our company has developed PRIVATE LABELING, brewing and packing products according to individual requirements and specifications of its customers. The majority of the products produced according to the specifications of the U.S. Army (US Military Specifications).

The largest percentage of these products are approved by authorized agencies such as the American Army (QPL), the U.S. Air Force, Boeing, the CI, the Navy, the General State Laboratory. etc., and have all the necessary approvals and certificates. In 1990 EUROCHEM became head of the eponymous group of companies. The activities of our company has expanded around the world, supplying a variety of products, industries, shipping and airlines.




Water Based Cleaner-Degreaser | Carbon Removers | Descalers-Rust Removers | Electrocleaners and electronic parts cleaners | Odorless Electrocleaners Safe to personnel and Environmentally Friendly | Stainless Steel Treatment | Water Treatment Chemicals etc...




2012 Annual Report: Eurochem Eurochem works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. You can download our latest Annual Reports from here...

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